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Account setup guides

We've prepared some common guides to help you set up new accounts and invite us to have access to them. While it might seem easier to just have us do this setup, we feel strongly that you should be the primary owner of all your accounts. We never want you to feel held hostage and forced to continue working with us.

There's nothing worse than wanting to end a relationship with a developer, only to find out they control your most important accounts. That's an awkward conversation you'll never need to have with us.

You may need one or more of these accounts setup. Please refer to the intro email for more details, including the specific account names to invite once the new account is setup. Anything you see in braces, like {AWS Alias Name}, is something you will fill in from the information in the intro email.

Would you like a more thorough explanation?

If the reasons haven't fully convinced you, listen to this episode of our podcast. In 15 minutes, we explain our stand in more detail.