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Building a successful product is hard

  • Do you feel like you're always behind?
  • Does your team spend more time fixing bugs than shipping new features?
  • Are you losing customers because your app is too slow?
  • Have you ever made excuses for your product during a demo?
  • Is your app stuck on an old version of Laravel because you’re too afraid to upgrade and break something?

There is a better way

  • Your projects are done on time and you even pay down technical debt along the way.
  • Most of your time is spent building new things instead of fixing old bugs.
  • People enjoy using your product and you take pride in your well-performing app.
  • By staying current, your team gets to use the newest and best Laravel features.

Accept No Compromises

Your problems are painful, but not unique. Many teams face these same challenges. Introducing a fresh perspective can help your team break out of this rut. We've worked with many Laravel teams to solve these exact pains. No Compromises isn't just another set of hands. When we join a team, we do more than just close tickets and write code. We make your team and product better.

Close PHPStorm for a second

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I reached out to Aaron and Joel after listening to their podcast. They reviewed our architecture and pointed out some concerns. The best part is they also suggested a better way to handle our complex problem, rather than over-engineer it. This 60 minute call saved us thousands of dollars, and a lot of wasted time.
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Slav Stankov, Co-Founder of Rush

Common Questions

You say you make our product and team better. What does better actually mean?

We make your product better, not just by building features and fixing bugs, but by continually improving the code base: making code easier to understand, writing tests to build confidence, and creating useful documentation.

We make your team better through open communication: investing time in constructive code review, pair programming, and helping translate technical needs to business outcomes.

Why would I want some outsider like you?
It's already tough to get everything done. Bringing in outside help to introduce new best practices saves time, especially since this is all we do. Plus, you can use our unbiased expertise to make a stronger case with management that investing in quality now will pay dividends.
We're already behind, won't adding more people slow things down?
Since we've worked on many projects, we're very quick to get up to speed. Yes, we'll need your help with some initial setup, but we aren't going to waste your time with a lot of silly questions. We've also built tools over the years that make this whole process easier.
I'm sold, but I don't make the final decision. Can you help convince my boss?
We totally understand! You set up the call and we can do the rest.

What's with the name No Compromises?

Developers really want to build something they're proud of, but they often feel forced into making compromises. Joel also felt that way for several years before deciding to take a stand. This meant striking out on his own and starting No Compromises, with the guiding principle of only doing projects the right way. This doesn't mean he's stubborn, it just means he cares about building quality software.

Aaron had many years of corporate experience leading teams with a focus on best practices. While running the local PHP user group together, they realized something. Joel's "no compromise" attitude with Aaron's best practice mindset and attention to detail was a perfect match.

We're proud to do the right thing. We want to bring that to your team.

Let's do this!

It wasn't your fault things got this way, but now it's your responsibility. We can make this better together. Don't put this off another quarter.

Not every problem can be solved by Stack Overflow

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